TSD (THIELE Super Duty)

TSD (THIELE Super Duty)

Like TRQ Chains, THIELE TSD Round Link Chains (THIELE Super Duty) were developed in order to achieve the greatest possible wear resistance when used on chain scraper conveyors and a higher breaking force.

The material strength of the legs is deliberately reduced by precise heat treatment, which increases the crack arrest capacity in order to prevent cracking caused by the friction martensite as a result of chain speeds of > 0.5 m/s.

This makes TSD Chains ideally suited for use on stage loaders (BSL). The extreme crown hardness of TSD Chains results in a very high wear resistance and a higher breaking force too. The latter is however an unintentional side effect.

As the increased hardness also means a reduction in toughness and a greater sensitivity to stress corrosion cracking TSD Chains are not recommended for use on face conveyors operating in a corrosive environment.

  • Greatest possible wear resistance
  • Increased the crack arrest capacity
  • Higher breaking force
  • Not recommended for use in a corrosive environment
TSD (THIELE Super Duty)

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