Responsibility and Sustainability

Together for a world in which we feel comfortable!

As a medium-sized company that operates internationally, we are aware of our responsibility towards customers, employees and the environment. THIELE is committed to meeting the high quality, environmental and safety requirements placed on our products and on us as a company at various levels.


The longevity of our high-quality products saves resources and protects the environment. Numerous certificates underpin our high standards of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety systems.

It is our aim to continuously improve our processes and give our customers a competitive edge with innovative products. To ensure this, every product is subjected to our extensive quality control process and tested in accordance with the stipulations of our QM system. The conscientious application of our QM system and particularly the quality control measures that each product undergoes ensure that we fulfil all of our contractual, legal and other requirements. This comprehensive understanding of quality includes the involvement of every employee.

Environment / Energy

Our production processes necessarily consume considerable quantities of materials and energy resources. At THIELE we therefore take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to improving the environmental compatibility of our products, reducing the consumption of pollutants and at the same time cutting down on the consumption of natural resources in the manufacturing process.

That is why we strive to achieve cost-effective, environmentally acceptable and socially compatible solutions for our products, right through from manufacture to final disposal. The continuous improvement of all our production processes combined with a reduction in environmental impact is firmly embodied in our corporate philosophy.

Occupational health and safety

THIELE strongly believes that occupational health and safety is a social responsibility and an essential corporate goal. The company's health and safety policy provides for protection against accidents and occupational illnesses. In this respect we are committed to complying with all relevant laws, regulations, requirements and standards. Through training and instruction, we encourage all employees to think and act in a safety-conscious manner. After systematic assessment of corresponding risks, countermeasures are defined.


The increased globalization and the changed global security situation have caused the EU to introduce the status of an "Authorised Economic Operator" (AEO) as a form of effective risk management within the customs administrations.

The aim is to secure the continuous global supply chain from the manufacturer to the end-user. The company THIELE has furnished proof that it is a reliable trading partner and it has already been in possession of an AEO certificate since 19 October 2010.

WIRtuelles Kraftwerk Iserlohn

In the project WIKI - WIRtuelles Kraftwerk Iserlohn, a regional virtual power plant (VK) is being set up through the communication technology merger of a large number of decentralized energy feeders and consumers. An optimization algorithm selects the most economically sensible combination from different marketing options. The grid-friendly use of the UK can also avoid expensive grid expansion and promote the integration of renewable energies. By substituting conventional power plant capacity, around 13,000 t of CO2 are saved per year.

THIELE has been involved in the project as a major partner since 2019.



At THIELE, we see it as our duty to do our part to curb global warming. We want to reduce our CO2 consumption in order to have less impact on the climate. As a manufacturing industrial company, this objective represents a special challenge that we would like to face with motivation. The investment in a photovoltaic system and the use of heat recirculation systems are just a few examples. For us, the sustainable use of resources begins at the smallest level and runs through all business processes.


In cooperation with Stadtwerke Iserlohn, we are providing an electric car for business trips. This saves unnecessary CO2 consumption and protects the environment.

Energy Scouts

Considerable electricity and CO2 savings through the annual trainee project "Energy Scouts" in cooperation with the SIHK.

Photovoltaic system

Since 2023, THIELE has sourced part of its energy requirements from a photovoltaic system behind the company site.

The construction of the facility is a cooperation project with the Stadtwerke Iserlohn.