TSC (THIELE Super Crown)

TSC (THIELE Super Crown)

THIELE developed the TSC series of Round Link Chains with wear-resistant crowns (THIELE Super Crown) in order to reduce link wear on plough chains and increase chain operating life.

As frictional heat in the fast running plough chains (which travel at over 3.0 m/s) leads to hardening of the legs and to dangerous crack formation the material strength of the legs is deliberately reduced by secondary heat treatment – thereby increasing the crack arrest capacity.

THIELE TSC chains are widely used on chain scraper conveyors because of the increased hardness of their crowns.

This extra hardness rating inevitably means that the chains are more susceptible to stress corrosion cracking and so TSC Chains are not recommended for corrosive environments – especially when fitted to face conveyors.

  • Reduce link wear on plough chains
  • Increased crack arrest capacity
TSC (THIELE Super Crown)

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